Melbourne has grown a new neighbourhood! It’s called Victoria Market

After living abroad for almost nine years, I returned to discover that the CBD had grown a whole new neighbourhood. It was called Victoria Harbour. I didn’t even know anything existed on the other side of the Southern Cross Station. But a whole new neighbourhood has popped up – replete with cafes, shops, apartments, an awesome
library, an awesome playground, riverwalks, and, as of July 2016, a Knowledge Market.

So what’s a knowledge market?

As it sounds, it’s a market where you can get… ahem… knowledge. Knowledge about what? Well – everything really.

The Knowledge Market describes itself as a “creative hub for sharing ideas:” a “home to a group of unconventional mentors”.

And Storywell is actually one of those unconventional mentors! Yep, that’s right – Storywell will be running Storytelling Masterclasses and introductory workshops at the Knowledge Market.

The first Masterclass is scheduled for July 18 – come check it out!

PS – To celebrate the launch of Knowledge Market, this masterclass is absolutely free!