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Storywell was established by Dalit Kaplan in 2014.

Before teaching storytelling, Dalit was telling stories as a lawyer.  She began her career in corporate law, where she felt compelled to keep both her passion for human rights and her love of art, theatre and writing a secret.  She felt that this “lofty” part of her had no place in the grey walls of corporate Australia.

Eventually, she decided to plan her next move.  She announced her resignation.  Then she sent out an email to her whole group in which she shared her intention to pursue a career in human rights overseas .  With this announcement, the most amazing thing happened: her colleagues began to open up and engage with her in a way she had not yet experienced.   People invited her into their offices for leisurely chats about her interests and dreams and to share their own.

This is how she describes the experience: “As soon as I shared a little bit of my story, I became connected to this place.  I felt invested.  I became more human in the eyes of my colleagues. In sharing some of myself, I invited others to share some of their selves with me.  Now I see stories everywhere.  I see them at the bus stop, at the supermarket, and when I deliver my son to school.  I see them in moments of joy and in moments of disaster.”

It became clear that the professional world needs more human connection, whether it be between colleagues, in sales, when engaging with the public, or in advocacy.  The best way to achieve this was through storytelling.

Eventually, Storywell was born, with the dream of creating a more human and empathetic world through the sharing of story.

About the Founder

Dalit Kaplan

Dalit Kaplan is a writer, radio producer, storyteller, and lawyer. She completed her Bachelors of Arts/Law (Hons) at the University of Melbourne in 2007, and her Masters of Law at the University of Chicago in 2011. Throughout her studies, she performed in a number of theatre productions where she honed her skills in understanding character and plot development. In 2011, Dalit moved to New York City where she studied storytelling, theatre, radio production and social media at a number of leading creative institutions including T Schreiber Acting Studio, Columbia University School of Journalism, City Lore Documentary Institute, Transom School for Public Radio and Narrative.

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While data engages us on an intellectual level, stories engage our hearts as well as our minds, and are therefore more likely to inspire action

Why Storytelling?

Communicate with greater impact

We don’t just understand stories.
We feel stories.

Better interpersonal communication and cohesion

Stories provide us with a window into the soul.

Make authentic connections

Storytelling provides a rare opportunity for human connection

Build greater empathy

Let others experience the world through your story

Own your narrative and empower others with your story

Each of us is encoded with story lines. We all share a common story

Create meaning out of the mundane

Storytelling takes us beyond the factual to the essential

Know who you are and how to communicate it

Stories create meaning out of the seemingly unrelated events in our lives

Strengthen organisational culture

Storytelling helps us locate our common humanity. It gives us legitimacy and builds trust

Be a better advocate and create buy-in

Stories are told in the hope
that they will change the status quo

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