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Every Change-Agent Must Have a Story

Nothing conveys a message like a story!
Whether you have a social enterprise, a not-for-profit, or a start-up, it’s important to know your organization’s story, and how to share it.

Stories engage us on an emotional level.  While data and facts appeal to the logical parts of our brains, stories engage our emotions, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.  We are more likely to engage or change our actions when we can connect with an idea on an emotional level. 
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All communication is storytelling

If you’ve ever attended my workshops, you may have heard me say once, twice or fifty thousand times that all communication is storytelling. That’s right, we can use our storytelling skills every time we open our mouth,
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Melbourne has grown a new neighbourhood! It’s called Victoria Market

After living abroad for almost nine years, I returned to discover that the CBD had grown a whole new neighbourhood. It was called Victoria Harbour. I didn’t even know anything existed on the other side of the Southern Cross Station.
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Stories show us where value is

Once I attended a folklore workshop with one of New York’s most legendary storytelling teachers. He was a pure artists. Devoted to his craft, humble, un-materialistic. He had absolutely no ego.
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